Final Cut Pro X updated to 10.0.6 (Motion & Compressor too)

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After a few months, Apple updated once again Final Cut Pro X to its 7th release and added some significant features.

The most prominent features:

  • support for RED footage including native RECODE Raw editing
  • unified import window for file-based & tape-based footage
  • MXF plug-in support that allows you to work natively with MXF files from import through delivery using third-party plug-ins
  • an improved “share” menu customizable by users
  • dual viewers
  • ability to precisely edit individual audio channels directly in the timeline.

Other new and improved features as provided by Apple are:

  • Option to add chapter markers in the timeline for export to video files, DVD, and Blu-ray disc
  • Range selection now preserves start and end points in the Event Browser and allows you to create multiple range selections on a single clip
  • Paste attributes window lets you choose specific effects to copy between clips
  • Flexible Clip Connections allow you to keep Connected Clips in place when slipping, sliding or moving clips in the Primary Storyline
  • Add a freeze frame to your timeline with a single keystroke
  • Drop shadow effect with intuitive onscreen controls to adjust position, edge falloff, angle, and more
  • New controls for combining audio from multiple angles within a Multicam Clip
  • Compound Clip creation in the timeline now saves the clip in the Event Browser for re-use in other projects
  • XML 1.2 featuring metadata import and export for richer integration with third-party apps

This update weight 1.53 GB and requires MacOS X 10.6.8 or later and it is a free download on the Mac Apple Store for current users. New customers can purchase Final Cut Pro X for $299.99.

Motion gets updated to version 5.05 and Compressor to version 4.05. Both are minor updates and are free for current users. New users can get Motion & Compressor for $49.99 each on the Mac AppStore.

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