Motorola LTE Network – A new tactical vision

Motorola LTE Network – A new tactical vision

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Imagine that Azrieli Center, an iconic commercial building in the center of Tel-Aviv, is hit by a missile. Imagine the destruction, the panic, the confusing and the distress around the destructed site. Now remember 9/11 and how each rescue team didn’t succeed to team all together and led to more victims. What is the best way to avoid the same chaos and confusion?

Motorola Solutions offers its LTE Cloud solution. Produced by Broadcast Video, directed by Oded Avraham & edited by me, we took a futurist and plausible event to show the LTE network in action in this very hi-tech movie. Impressive & efficient.

Director: Oded Avraham
Production: Broadcast Video
Editor: Steve Sebban

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