The Massuah Museum Project

The Massuah Museum Project

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This project was wild!

When I was first approached by director Yali Bergman for the new exhibition for the Massuah Museum, we talked about a conventional and classic 3 screens movie.

Metting Sheketak shook the project from its foundations and we transformed everything to morph it into an MTV-style, ultra-wide movie aimed at teenagers.

One and a half year in the making, countless sleepless hours, endless remarks and correction from the director’s museum, ton of died hard drives and a Power Mac G5 pushed to its limits, we finished this presentation. The result is projected with a seamless 3-projector system from a targa sequence by a computer on a 12×1.7m screen. You really have to experience it. A must-see!

Created in 2007, this ten minutes of ultra-wide (3,000*576) wicked pleasure was made on a Power Mac G5 (yes, yes G5) using Final Cut Pro 7 exclusively. For copyright reason, the movie cannot be posted online. If you are interested to see it, please contact me directly.

More information about this exhibition can be found at Massuah Museum’s website.

Director & Producer: Yali Bergman
Editor & animator artist: Steve Sebban
Art Director: Eithan Bar-Tal
Design: Eliraz Dekalo


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