All-Most by Audele Lishner

All-Most by Audele Lishner

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All-Most is a video installation by the artist Audele Lishner composed of four darkened rooms in which the viewer is invited to walk according to a single path. This beautiful video installation was showing for 3 weeks in the summer of 2009 at “The Artist House” in Tel-Aviv.

In the first room,

projected onto an earth-screen set on the floor, is a woman with a grey mane of hair moving on the ground in circular, ecstatic motions.

In the second room,

on parched earth, is projected images of hair floating, fingers running through it, shadows of water ripples and a woman’s figure floating upon them.

In the third room,

five monitors buried in the ground encircle the viewer. In them, a woman dives from screen to screen like a faceless mermaid in silent motion.

Director & Producer: Audele Lishner
Editor: Steve Sebban

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