Roche RoACTEMRA – Prague

Roche RoACTEMRA – Prague

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This project is kind of unique.

It was realized for a doctors congress in Prague to promote Roche’s RoACTEMRA medicine.

We mixed live theatrical performance with green-screened, pre-recorded of the really same performance.

The video was projected in synch on a huge double HD screen that played the role of decor and extend the vision of the viewers beyond the stage.

The performance end with a very romantic dance. We projected slo-mo of the best movements on this huge screen with a pre-recorded performance we shoot before.

An unique experience that you can discover in this movie.

To prepare the doctors and get them in the mood of the congress, we send them by mail a 2 minutes trailer especially made for the occasion that you can discover here.


Director: Oded Avraham
Production: Tamooz
Editor: Steve Sebban

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