Roche RoACTEMRA – Rome

Roche RoACTEMRA – Rome

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Another project for the pharmaceutic giant  Roche  and its medicine RoACTEMRA and this time we move to Rome for a pharmaceutic trade show.

Director Oded Avraham created a movie that present the same piece of life for an ill woman who has contacted an untreated rheumatoid arthritis against an healthy woman. In a glance, you could see how this illness impacts her day-to-day life and how the medicine could improve it.

The video was projected in synch on a two big HD screen that played the role of callout for doctors around the trade show.

You can see in the video bellow the movie and the way it was projected in the trade show.

Director: Oded Avraham
Production: Tamooz
Editor: Steve Sebban



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