KKL-JNF – 110 years of green action

KKL-JNF – 110 years of green action

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The KKL-JNF is well known for the development of the land of Israel since its establishment in 1901. In 2011, they celebrated their 110 years of Green Action and asked us to create a movie to present theirs goals and actions in different fields: preservation, forestry with research, water cycling with tourism and more…

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster=”http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_Poster.jpg” data-uid=”KKL_01″ data_name=”KKL Movie” src1=”http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_SD.mp4″ src2=”(hd)http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_HD.mp4″ src3=”http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_Cell.mp4″ src4=”http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_SD.webm” src5=”(hd)http://kplprod.com/wp/wp-content/videos/KKL/KKL_HD.webm” width=”854″ height=”480″] [/sublimevideo-lightbox]


Director: Oded Avraham
Production: Oded Avraham & Igal Goren
Editor: Steve Sebban

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