‘searchOextra’, the turbo-charging add-on to ‘The Movie searchOmeter’ for iPhone is on sale during Christmas.

‘searchOextra’, the turbo-charging add-on to ‘The Movie searchOmeter’ for iPhone is on sale during Christmas.

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The Movie searchOmeter is an entertainment app that provides you with everything you need to know about your favorite movies, your favorite actors and save them as list or share it with your friends.

Movies are broken down into six different categories: upcoming, top 50 box office, in theaters, opening, top DVD rental, and new on DVD. After choosing a category, you’re able to search through the listings via an ultra-cool and blazing-fast Cover Flow-like interface. Tap on a movie you’re interested in to open its card and view the synopsis, cast, reviews, Rotten Tomatoes rating, and audience rating. A double-tap on the card will get you back to the Cover Flow-like screen.

The Movie searchOmeter also allows you search Rotten Tomatoes’ entire movie database by title to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

searchOextra will turbo-boost The Movie searchOmeter and will allow you to create lists of your favorite movies and those you want to see, sync your data via iCloud, share your favorites with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and get even more info about the cast and crew from any movie. On top of all of that, it will remove the static banner ad at the bottom of the screen.

The Movie searchOmeter is available for free on the AppStore and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S & iPhone 5. It can also run on iPad 2 and up. searchOextra is usually $1.99 but is on sale during Christmas at 50% off its regular price.

Finally, on The Movie searchOmeter‘s Facebook page, you can win a latest-generation 416GB iPad. Just like the page to enter the giveaway!

See the full review by Crazy Mike here:

Note: I’m the creator & publisher of The Movie searchOmeter.

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