The second part of the 7th season of Doctor Who’s kicks off with a new trailer & new posters

The second part of the 7th season of Doctor Who’s kicks off with a new trailer & new posters

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After a dramatic last half-season episode, the wait is finally over as our beloved space-traveller is back with the most iconic companion yet.

After loosing Amy Pond & Rory Williams in The Angels Take Manhattan, The Doctor’s companion since the beginning of Matt Smith’s era, and after a Christmas episode introducing us Clara Oswald, The Doctor’s new enigmatic & “impossible girl” companion, the first episode of the second part of Doctor Who‘s season 7 will finally  kick off March 30 on BBC America & BBC One (in the UK).

“You are the only mystery worth solving. Right then, Clara Oswald, time to find out who you are,” the Doctor is heard telling Clara in a BBC One teaser provided by the Examiner.

Meanwhile, in the first episode named The Bells of Saint John, the Doctor battles an enemy in the modern day Wi-Fi, according to BBC America, while the trailer promises cybermen, Cold War-era nukes, and more baddies than you can count.

The trailer is also available in glorious 1080p/Full HD on iTunes for free and you can see it by following this link.

The BBC also posted the posters for the first four episodes that you can find here:3933232-low-doctor-who-series-7b-1024x723 3933285-low-doctor-who-series-7b-1024x723 3933206-low-doctor-who-series-7b-1024x723 3933258-low-doctor-who-series-7b-1024x723

You can already pre-order the second part of the season on iTunes here. If you missed the first part of this great season, it is available on iTunes here and the Christmas episode that introduces Clara Oswald is here.

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