[Review] Keep your email sanity with this almost free great plugin

[Review] Keep your email sanity with this almost free great plugin

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Zero Inbox is quite the Sacred Graal for digital communication. As we are getting more and more emails every day, it turns to be very hard to successfully keep the inbox at a sane level and to manage all the messages efficiently. Thanks to a great plugin for Apple Mail, you too will be able to achieve these goals easily. Let me introduce MailHub from Dervish Software.

MailHub What is MailHub?

MailHub is a ‘smart’ plug-in for Apple Mail which revolutionizes email management. It lets you file messages, create new mailboxes, delete or assign actions to your email effortlessly without interruption to your workflow.

How it does that?

MailHub lets you file very easily the messages from your inbox. Select one message and thanks to its intelligent technology, it will auto-suggest you the best folder to file the message.

If your inbox includes several messages from the same sender, you will be able to file all the messages to the auto-suggest folder with just one click. It works the same way for threads: one click and you filed all the threaded messages to the auto-suggested folder. And if you want to create a new folder before filling the threads or messages, you can do that in seconds.

Like everyone, i’m getting a lot of commercial emails from several sources. Here too, MailHub comes to the rescue:  one click and all the messages from this spamming sender are gone to the trash!

Never forget about a mailscheduling a follow-up with MailHub

Before filling any message, you can schedule and flag a follow-up reminder at a future date. It is, of course, integrated with Calendar & Reminders (or iCal) but sadly not with other popular GTD apps like OmniFocus, Things or Clear. I hope the developers will add support for them soon.

Efficiency & Speed

keyboard setting MailHub MailHub offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts for maximum efficiency and every side of the plugin is configurable to your needs and workflow. You might feel overwhelmed by all the options at the beginning but after a few days and some tweaks, you will feel right at home and will see your inbox shrinking close to Zero Inbox (and that is the goal, no?)

Now, for the best part!

MailHub is available for almost every version of MacOS X: from 10.6.8 to 10.9.

Dervish Software are  updating for free the app for every new OS X and Mail release and are very reactive.

One license costs $19 on Dervish’s website (and a 5-pack cost $30) but, and that’s the best part, you surely know from my previous post that MailHub is part of the Winter ‘Appy’ Holidays from MacUpdate. That means you are getting this app and 11 more for $39.99 only. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity and get this bundle a.s.a.p.!

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