Discover or re-discover what color timing is with this awesome new iPad app

Discover or re-discover what color timing is with this awesome new iPad app

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Do you know Dale Grahn? He is a major color timer that shaped much of the look of modern cinema. He is credited for hundreds of major films and was the color timer for Steven Spielberg. Digital tools appeared and its art was lost… until today.

dr-dgc CrumplePop, the famous creators of several must-have plugins for Final Cut Pro 7 & X, introduced today their first iPad app simply called Dale Grahn Color as a tribute to Dale Grahn & its work and a way for us to improve on our skills with his invaluable advices and exercises.

Color timing is the old term for what we call now color grading but you do it in the analog way in a film lab. You have simple tools with fundamental but limited capabilities and you have to do all of your  scene matching and look with them and nothing more.

Dale Grahn himself will teach you his techniques and you will be able to practice them by trying to recreated the famous looks of Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report and Gladiator. You will have 21 invaluable video lessons and 3 levels of difficulties, based on your experience. Scores and stats will help you measure the improvement of yours skills along your learning.

Last more really not least, Dale Grahn will explain in 20 more video tutorials his approach to the image and he will show you step-by-step his work. It’s an incredible opportunity to watch such a major craftsman at work.

Dale Grahn Color is available for a special launch price of $3.99 on the AppStore for iPad and it is a must-have app for any colorist. Highly recommended!

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