[NAB 2013] Blackmagic Design introduces DaVinci Resolve 10 – My TOP 8 features

[NAB 2013] Blackmagic Design introduces DaVinci Resolve 10 – My TOP 8 features

Posted by Steve

Blackmagic Design introduced a lot of new product at NAB 2013. Amount them, one of the most significant announcement was version 10 of their grading solution: DaVinci Resolve. Get my TOP 8 of new and updated features after the jump.

DaVinci Resolve 10 is a major update with some great new features that colorists around the world have been waiting for. Here’s my personal favorite new & improved features (in no special order):

  1. OpenFX: Yes, finally Resolve get a plugin architecture and accept plugin developed around the OpenFX open-standard. Expect to see GenArt’s Sapphire and other well-known plugin running on Resolve with viewer screen controls and unlimited plugins per clip.
  2. Unlimited & improved Power Windows:
    • You are not limited to 4 power windows per node anymore.
    • The PowerCurve has also been redesigned: independent entry & exit per point bezier adjustment
    • A new gradient Power Window is now available
    • You can also draw your power windows in full screen.
  3. Lightbox: You can see your Lightbox on your SDI monitor! (A feature I missed from Baselight)
  4. Display of multiple grade versions: That’s a great tool when you have to choose between versions of your graded shots or if you want to see your before/after current shot.
  5. Online editor: No need to return to a NLE to finish the online editing anymore:
    •  Resolve supports unlimited video & audio tracks
    • full transitions
    • Retiming is handle via optical flow for high quality slow motions.
    • CG characters, a colorbars, tone & slate generators.
  6. DCP Delivery: You can now output JPEG 2000 files directly from Resolve and if you have a easyDCP license, you will be able to export a DCP file directly from Resolve!
  7. Resolve Live: You can now grade live a video feed from a camera on-set even before it has been shot by the camera and keep the preset for the full grading work later.
  8. Support for new formats and colorspace grading: Sony Log2, Canon C500, F65/55/5 4K RAW decoding, XAVC & 4K DCI. Half and quarter resolution debayer options for low GPU powered systems.

There is no word on improved support of third-party color surfaces and if they added an option to customize their factory mapping. I wouldn’t hold my breath about that but it can be a really good incentive for a lot of colorist to make the jump from the free version to the paid one.

DaVinci Resolve 10 will be available in Q3 2013 (read september/october 2013) in two version: a free HD-limited version (and no DNR & limited stereoscopic tools) and a $995 full-blown version. It will be a free update to current Resolve 9 users & I expect a beta version to appear sometime between now and September like they did for Resolve 9.

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